Meet Our Team

Dr. Nathan Kolla

Principal Investigator

Dr. Kolla is a Clinician-Scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Research Imaging Centre, and the Vice-President of Research and Academics at Waypoint Centre. Dr. Kolla is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry with the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine and holds a number of other academic appointments with the University.

Jaegar Lam

PhD Candidate

I received my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto where I researched the neural basis of personality, and borderline personality disorder under the supervision of Dr. Anthony Ruocco. I completed my M.A at York University where I investigated the complex relationship between neural networks and executive functions under the supervision of Dr. Gary Turner. Currently, I am completing my PhD in Clinical Psychology at York University under the co-supervision of Dr. Nathan Kolla and Dr. Gary Turner. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, my dissertation focuses on the interaction between genetic polymorphisms and resting state neural networks in patients with antisocial and borderline personality disorder. In my spare time I enjoy playing and listening to different kinds of music. 

Michelle De Pol

MSc Candidate

I graduated from the University of Toronto with a HBSc in neuroscience and physiology. I am now a first year Master’s student at the Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto. My project involves using PET imaging to examine the role of the endocannabinoid system in humans with co-morbid borderline personality disorder and depression. Outside of the lab, I enjoy running, listening to podcasts, and playing board games! 

Dorsa Rafiei

MSc Candidate

I graduated with a HBSc in neuroscience, physiology and psychology from the​ University of Toronto, where I researched neuroinflammation in patients with treatment-resistant depression. I am now pursuing my graduate studies at the Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto. My thesis project investigates the endocannabinoid system in humans with major depressive episodes using PET imaging. In my spare time, I enjoy doing yoga, pottery and watching Netflix!

Karolina Karas

Research Analyst

I graduated from University of Victoria with a HBA in psychology, under the supervision of Dr. Mauricio Garcia-Barrera. In my undergrad, I researched executive functions, specifically bilingual advantage, using ERPs. At the Kolla lab, I am involved in multiple projects focusing on aggressive behaviours in children and adults using MRI and PET imaging. Outside of the lab, I spend time with my plants and my animals!

George Gainham

Research Analyst

After graduating from Western University with a degree in neuroscience (BSc Hon. Spec.) I became a research analyst in the Kolla lab. I am currently working on the ‘VFEP’ project where we are investigating biomarkers of aggression in people experiencing psychosis. After work I enjoy spending time at the gym and with my dog.


Paria Baharikhoob

Areti Smaragdi

Justin Haas